Holy Spirit College is administered under Cairns Catholic Education Services. As a Catholic school within the diocese of Cairns and under the administration of the Cairns Catholic Education, Holy Spirit College Catholic is accountable to the state and federal governments and its local communities to meet all the learning and teaching requirements. It has distinctive goals and features which derive from a core of philosophical and theological foundation central to the ethos of Catholic education and the mission of the Church. As a school funded under the Special Assistance Schools provisions Holy Spirit College has a unique place in Cairns Catholic Education to be a place of learning, opportunity and achievement for students who would otherwise remain disconnected from mainstream education. In this way Holy Spirit College represents a core mission of the Church to truly make a difference for the poor and marginalised. Like all schools under the direction of Cairns Catholic Education it will offer quality learning and teaching, an educational experiences that embraces ‘living life to the full’ and an environment that is safe, welcoming an inclusive.