Our Residences and Facilities



Our boarding houses are home for up to 32 students. There are two single-sex residences with 8 twin rooms for girls and 8 twin rooms for boys. 

  • Comfortable accommodation within a warm, friendly environment
  • Residences are seperated by the day school buildings
  • Two common room areas with snack-making facilities.
  • All rooms air-conditioned
  • Two young people share a bedroom and two bedroom share an on-suite bathroom.
  • Comfortable king single beds with hypo-allergenic mattresses
  • Bedlinen and towels provided
  • Own wardrobe and drawers
  • Individual lockable storage is provided to secure personal belongings
  • Wireless monitored internet access
  • Telephones connected to House Parents accommodation
  • Disabled access accommodation for a boarder with special available

Boarders are well supervised but in a relaxed and friendly family atmosphere that allows for the individual care of each young person.


Common Rooms

Like home, all floors in the Boarding Houses have common areas. These Common Rooms are across the breezeway on the upper floors and are shared by all residents of the house. In each the young people are able to gather, relax and socialise with others. There is a single-sex policy in place which means the girls and boys do not socialise in each others' residence.  Each Common Room features a kitchen which can be used for making tea, soup, noodles, popcorn and large comfortable lounge area with TV, along with a quiet reading or games room.


Laundry & Housekeeping

The Common Room areas have a domestic laundry with washing and drying facilities. The young people are encouraged to do their personal clothes washing on a regular basis, this assists them in developing into independent adults.

The young people’s sheets, doona covers, pillowcases and bath towels are washed regularly throughout the week. Each floor of the houses has a rostered day for the removal of the items for washing. On the rostered day young people place their items in a laundry trolley, in the morning, and collect fresh linen at the end of the school day.

While the young people are expected to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean the college housekeeper checks the residences daily to ensure it is always kept clean, tidy and in excellent repair.


Dining Room

The Dining Room is shared by the day and boarding schools. Everyone attending the college can share in breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea together, during the week. The young people in residence also have their evening meal in the dining room. This room hums with the sound of happy young people and staff at each mealtime. The cook takes a genuine interest in the young people and cooks for them with health, nutrition and enjoyment in mind.

Our boarders enjoy sumptuous varied menu items in which they have a say. Each Monday and Friday breakfast features an assortment of hot and cold dishes and fruit. Tuesday to Thursday and on weekends  breakfast is continental in style. Lunch can be a tasty hot or cold dish with salads available and there’s always plenty of baked on offer for morning and afternoon teas..

Good table manners are important and are be encouraged, as is punctuality at the start of mealtimes.