Safety and Security

The safety and security of all the boarders at all times is of paramount importance to all of the College staff who care for the young people.

Parents, families and carers of young people boarding at HSC can be reassured in knowing that their children are safe and secure whilst residing at the College. The residences are wired with an automatic security system that is activated after hours.

The grounds are covered by a 24 hour security camera system and staff are on hand, at night, through a direct telephone link.

Smoke detectors are fitted in all areas within the Boarding Houses, and regular fire drills are held to ensure all staff and Boarders are practiced in fire safety and evacuation procedures.

To further ensure individual safety, Boarders are not permitted to leave the College grounds without the approval of their parents/carers or responsible family member. Boarding Staff on duty and corresponding procedures are in place to facilitate this process.

If a young person should leave the grounds without permission, they are treated as missing under the College's safety procedures and the associated processes are implemented.