A different way of working

Everyone at Holy Spirit College contributes to the Catholic spirit by promoting Catholic values and fostering positive relationships within the College community.

We respect the essential uniqueness of each person and yet acknowledge the bonds that bind us to one another. We acknowledge, that the young people we work with are traumatised and have been negatively affected by many forces, most beyond their control. However, we believe in great things for the young people and hold realistic expectations of their capacity to overcome and to succeed.

Staff selection

When selecting staff we are mindful of finding people with a passion for working with traumatised young people and are ready to adopt the Holy Spirit College philosophy and principles of Relationships, Respect and Responsibility. The environment is dynamic and constantly changing therefore, being adaptable, having a sense of humour and being resilient are highly essential personal and professional characteristics.
Young People and staff respect themselves, others and property.

For example this will look like: Being aware of each other’s emotional and mental state and being supportive, rather than denigrate others

Staff working in Holy Spirit College need to be prepared for the uncertainty that comes from entering into dialogue and a process of resolving conflict to enfranchise young people. 

‘Staff require a capacity to be honest and need an ability to sit in the grey, that is, not having immediate answers or solutions for complex issues. Holding the complexity of challenging situations and allowing a solution to emerge that involves young people having a voice in the process, is central to this way of working. It requires adults to let go of preconceived outcomes and enable young people to be genuinely empowered.’

Employment vacancies are advertised on the Catholic Education Services website.