Holy Spirit College operates under a set of guiding principles that permeate all aspects of college life. The principles inform how members of the College community interact with each other as a necessity to cultivate and maintain positive and meaningful working relationships, and a framework for developing the pro-social meta-cognitive decision-making processes of our learners.  

Central to the Gospel is the foundational belief that each person is made in the image and likeness of God, bestowing on everyone an inalienable dignity and worth. Springing from this important Christian understanding comes four themes evident within scripture and Catholic social teaching that have been chosen to guide and inform our work at Holy Spirit College. These include God’s call for mankind to come together in communion with each other in right relationships, to love one another as we love God; mutual respectful, to take responsibility for the way we act towards others, and to participate through going out and being the good news. Drawing upon our rich Christian tradition and calling upon the Holy Spirit to help us bring these teachings to life, our four core principles are: 

  • Right Relationships 
  • Respect 
  • Responsibility 
  • Participation 


Right Relationships is observed by, but not limited to:  

  • Demonstrating an unconditional regard for all learners 
  • Showing, through word and action, a belief that all students can learn and have strengths to build upon.  
  • Maintaining self-regulation when interacting with others 
  • Positive communication and high expectations 
  • Identifying regular opportunities to engage in positive feedback even for negative events 
  • Being genuine, honest and respectful with everyone 


Respect is observed by, but not limited to our: 

  • Tone, demeanor, language and actions 
  • Appreciation for others (manners), and our environment (grounds, resources, buildings and community) 
  • Authenticity and honesty in teamwork, acceptance of others (opinions and rights) 
  • Care and concern for the safety and wellbeing of all our college community 
  • Acceptance of difference and life experience  


Responsibility is observed by, but not limited to our: 

  • Personal professionalism, learning and growth mindset 
  • Organization, self-management, goal setting and achievement 
  • Modelling and encouraging positive behaviours 
  • Planning – knowing the learner and developing appropriate learning experiences 
  • Evidence informed decision making 
  • Being fully engaged in our work 
  • Being Safe and Legal 


Participation is observed by, but not limited to our: 

  • Active engagement with learners throughout the day 
  • Physical and mental presence in staff meetings and professional development  
  • Respectful contribution to all activities and discussions 
  • Personal professional learning 
  • Completion of set tasks and professional obligations 

These principles have been adopted as they do not define what should happen in any given circumstance; rather they provide a framework to assist good decision making in our daily lives. All members of Holy Spirit College, adults and young people alike, are asked to operate by these principles.