Empowering Learning through Strengths: At Holy Spirit College, we believe in a strength-based approach to education. We prioritise understanding each young person’s experiences, strengths, and aspirations to adapt our programs effectively. 

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs): We develop Individual Learning Plans collaboratively with young people, fostering ownership and engagement. We honour the uniqueness of each young person, meeting them where they are to establish goals that are realistic, achievable, and meaningful. These ILPs are created together with mentors to support a personalised learning journey for every individual, fostering growth and success. 

Holistic Approach: Our curriculum focuses on foundational skills like literacy, numeracy, wellbeing, and life skills, while also incorporating a diverse range of electives such as art, music, construction, fitness, sports and cooking to promote independence and community connections. 

Right Relationships: We prioritise building positive relationships to create a safe and inclusive environment where young people can thrive academically and emotionally. 

Inclusive Support: Through Case Management Meetings and collaborative efforts, we provide additional support and interventions to meet the diverse needs of our young people. 

Diverse Pathways: Recognising each young person’s unique journey, we offer diverse pathways including qualification achievement, vocational training, employment opportunities, and transitions tailored to individual needs. 

Providing Essential Support: We understand the importance of support beyond academics. That’s why we offer a range of free services: 

  • Nutritious meals include complimentary breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. 
  • Transportation to and from excursions, career expos, fitness and sports. 
  • Our dedicated youth workers and school support officers are here to help you reach your academic and personal goals. 
  • Forget about school fees; all excursions and incursions are on us. 
  • Say goodbye to booklists; we provide all necessary books, stationery, and learning resources. 
  • Embrace your uniqueness and be comfortable; wear clothing that reflects your personality, comfort, and style.   
  • If you are welcomed as a boardier or are a day student in Cooktown, our Cooktown campus provides young people with a locally designed campus shirt to wear whilst at college. 

At Holy Spirit College, we are committed to nurturing the total development of each individual, guided by Catholic values and a commitment to excellence in education.  Ready to explore? Schedule a walk-through and grab a campus timetable today!